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Central Rochedale Services

At Central Rochedale Vet, we aim to provide the best care and support for you and your pet possible by sharing a good understanding of health care and treatment options to ensure you are well equipped to make the best possible decisions for your pet. We provide an extensive range of medical and surgical services in addition to complimentary services for advice on the health and care of your pet. We can provide advice on worming and controlling fleas and ticks in person or via phone or email, and our qualified veterinary nurses can provide free consultations by appointment for dental checks, suture removal and dietary advice.

Annual Health Check

Annual health checks allow the early detection of many conditions, and also give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns or problems you may have about your pet. Due to our pet’s shorter lifespan, this is like you going to your doctor and dentist every 5 to 7 years!

Often senior pets and any animals with known health issues need to see a vet much more frequently. Our very experienced vets will discuss with you recommendations for revisits and checkups as part of an individualised treatment or health management plan.



Vaccinations are not only safe and effective; they are an important and fundamental piece of your pet’s preventative healthcare plan. Advances in veterinary immunology have made diseases that once were relatively common and fatal to pets easily preventable. Additionally, with each passing year, veterinary science is improving on existent vaccines as well as increasing our ability to prevent an even wider array of contagious diseases.

Our veterinarians truly believe that our carefully balanced approach is the best means to prevent infectious disease and the possibility of your pet having an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

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